We have a range of incentives and schemes available to assist buyers in making their purchase of a Wedgewood home.

Whether you’re a first time buyer or you want to move on from your existing home, we’re bound to have an offer to help you move. Such incentives include the Help to Buy scheme, paying your deposit, or offering Part Exchange. This could help you realise your dream of moving to a desirable home in a sought-after location in no time. Availability of incentives for each home will be indicated by the following symbols under the price for each:

Help To Buy

The Help to Buy provides a 5 year interest-free loan from the Government of up to 20% of the value of a property.

It is available to both first time buyers and existing homeowners alike and means you can buy a new home with just a 5% deposit.

If you’re a first time buyer we know how difficult it is to raise a large deposit to purchase your first home. With Help to Buy you’ll need to save just 5% deposit to get a mortgage, so you could purchase your first home sooner than you thought.

If you’re an existing homeowner, you can use Help to Buy to trade up to a bigger property - even if you have limited equity in your current home, because you only need 5% deposit to move.

More information on the scheme can be found on the Help to Buy website - www.helptobuy.org.uk

Part Exchange

To make your home move as easy as possible, Part Exchange your existing property for a brand new Wedgewood home.

Our Part Exchange scheme could help you move to a new home without you first having to sell your old one.

When you buy a new home using our Part Exchange scheme, we’ll offer to buy your existing property from you, at a price we agree with you based on two independent valuations.

You avoid all the stress of trying to sell your house on the market, managing and paying for estate agents, and worrying about house buying chains.

So what’s involved in the Part Exchange process?

  • If your home qualifies for Part Exchange, there's no waiting for months with your house on the market, worrying about whether you will be able to sell. We agree the offer price up front, organise the survey and aim to complete the transaction as soon we can, so you can get on with planning your move.
  • We'll offer a fair and realistic price for your property. We'll instruct a minimum of two independent estate agents to value the anticipated selling price of your property.
  • You won't have to pay estate agent fees. Moving home is costly enough, without having to worry about estate agents fees as well. From the time you agree a Part Exchange with us, you won’t have to pay estate agents at all.
  • You won’t have to worry about house buying chains. With Part Exchange, you won’t need to worry about other people pulling out of their purchase or delaying their move.
  • You have a buyer for your home so you can move as soon as your new home is ready.

Deposit Paid

In the current housing climate, banks can be cautious about mortgage lending. Often buyers who can afford mortgage payments do not have the capital to put down the hefty deposits demanded by some banks.

This is why Wedgewood Homes are now offering properties that contain cash offered towards a deposit.

We can help get you moving and pay 5% of your deposit*. This means that you will have a much smaller amount to put down yourself. The extra cash you save can then be used towards the cost of your home, your moving costs, or even furnishing your new home once you have.

You have a buyer for your home so you can move as soon as your new home is ready. move in.