What housing slump? Wedgewood Homes continue to deliver

What housing slump? Wedgewood Homes continue to deliver

A few weeks of uncertainty within the housing industry was felt immediately after the referendum outcome, but contrary to popular belief and a lot of bad press, the housing market is doing surprisingly well with demand remaining high.

This is backed up by the fact that The Bank of England interest rates have been kept at 0.5 per cent, suggesting that the state of the property market as well as the economy is at the moment, doing better than expected and confidence is growing. Similarly, the housing portal Rightmove reported that buyer interest was in line with previous years, and enquiry levels are consistent with the same period in 2014. It seems that many fears of the market taking a downturn were unnecessary.

This is excellent news for housebuilders like us. The constant imbalance between the quantity of properties available versus the large number of buyers means that the housebuilding industry will likely remain consistently buoyant, enduring a little fluctuation here and there when it comes to big political and economic disturbances, but on the whole remaining consistent.

At Wedgewood, we are a perfect example of housing success after the referendum - in the last couple of weeks we received a great deal of interest in our Longview development, and have sold the last two remaining homes.

It goes to show that whatever the market climate, enquiries will continue and there will always be a need for new homes. If they are good quality homes, built in great locations and at the right price, there is no doubt they will sell.

We continue to remain optimistic about the market in general; continued government support, positive mortgage availability and demand for homes mean that the future is bright, and housebuilders can get on with supplying homes to meet the populations needs.