Why buy new? Mathew Carpenter advocates the benefits of the new build property

Why buy new? Mathew Carpenter advocates the benefits of the new build property

For many prospective homebuyers, the financial incentives and low-maintenance lifestyle offered by new homes have made the choice between a resale home and a brand new home a lot easier. With constant tales of home improvements turning into mishaps, the chance to improve your home doesn’t quite compare to the prospect of owning something hassle free and brand new.

New homes offer many more advantages that are simply not available in a resale property. The prospect of a well-designed development, a comprehensive 10-year warranty and internal layouts designed to accommodate a range of choices, are just a few of the benefits one can expect from a new home.

In addition, with a new home you are guaranteed an excellent specification including fully fitted kitchens, often with a range of integrated appliances, as well as pristine white bathrooms with contemporary chrome finishes. Because the property is new, the windows will all be PVCu, the gas boiler will be energy efficient, and it will be fully insulated meaning the running costs will be considerably less than the average second hand home.

According to the English Housing Survey, a quarter of the UK's housing is not in a decent state of repair and bringing them up to scratch would cost billions. The report also classifies 6.7m of England's homes as "non-decent" and around 1.8m with severe damp problems. Whereas the new build home, which comes with a 10 year NHBC warrantee, offers purchasers the ultimate peace of mind.

Any prospective homeowner should strongly consider the low maintenance and energy efficient aspects of a new build home which make these a superior offering in the overall property market.