Wedgewood Homes calls for improvements to the new homes industry

Wedgewood Homes calls for improvements to the new homes industry

Director of Wedgewood Homes Mathew Carpenter is in agreement with some MP's, who are urging for large housebuilders to have less dominance in the new homes market.

"It's no secret that the UK desperately needs more new homes (over one million by 2020 to be precise). We have done for years, and currently it is reported that there are roughly 10 househunters perusing each property on the market.

But creating more new homes by small and medium housebuilders is easier said than done. At Wedgewood Homes, we are only too familiar with the pitfalls of the industry that puts the brakes on our schemes time after time. To mend the "broken" housing market there needs to be a change in the way that the housing market works.

Currently, the biggest 8 housebuilders heavily dominate the new homes market. For instance, in 2015 a quarter of all new homes were built solely by Taylor Wimpey, Barratt and Persimmon. I concur with the MP's who recently brought this up as a serious problem that needs to be rectified.

The worry is that this one-sided ownership of the market and the lack of healthy competition are going to be hugely detrimental to the delivery of new homes. Suggestions for support include making land and finance opportunities more readily available to small housebuilders, as well as preparing development sites more fully before building starts, by providing planning permission in advance.

As a small housebuilder, I regularly have to jump over an eye-watering amount of hurdles before I can start building new homes, and we as a company welcome any steps towards a process that is smoother. With the upcoming general election on the 8th June, I will be interested in what the main parties have to say about the matter.

Here at Wedgewood Homes, we are very aware of the reliance on us to provide the new homes needed in the south east, and we have a number of exciting schemes both on going and in the pipeline. The Willows in Chestfield is a current range of five 4&5 bedroom homes, and building has already begun on our luxury scheme in Sevenoaks, where we are bringing two new 6 bedroom homes."